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I like to apologize for the lack of updates lately! Me, sora mod and Garnet mod have been rather busy with school and other personal business that sadly takes up our free time on the internet! After all, real life comes before Tumblr!

But oh golly though, That’s alooooooot of confessions in the askbox, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to close it for a while until me, sora mod and garnet mod have all the confessions cleared out.

I hope that’s understandable! Sorry for the lack of updates!

—————-Xion Mod

was-once-trapped-darkness is simply amazing riku and their portrayal of Riku is just perfectly is almost like I”m talking to the actual riku himself  -anon

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I have been following wakelessdream since he was sakuraba—neku. Honestly, he was one of the first blogs I found when I came to tumblr rp, and is /the/ only Neku I will follow. EVER. He is wonderful, both IC and OOC. There will never be another him. -anon

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Clumsyroyalknights is one amazing goofy as I enjoy seeing them on my dash not to mention the mun is very kind and a wonderful person -anon

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Ukeriku is an wonderful riku and the mun is a very sweet person —— clumsyroyalknights

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I really love Soranoodle/Mangosail. Her Sora muse is really an inspiration to my own. I’m always happy whenever I see her replies to other people’s rps, just because I truly feel as if I’m watching the real Sora himself. — shrouded-persona

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I think pariahxiv  does a great job of portraying Xion. She’s really passionate about her muse, and spends a lot of time developing headcanons for her based off evidence. She’s cute, passionate, and fun to boot. — shrouded-persona

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Wowie there are a lot of confessions! Sorry for the wait guys, Xion and I will try to have them posted ASAP!


I simply ADORE Vexenchillingworth’s Vexen, and not to leave out the fact that the mun is amazingly kind and talented. Our muses have such an adorable bond, and I honestly don’t thin I deserve a wonderful human being like her! —- Pariahxiv

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starshattered is an amazing Ventus. I love the mun and the muse a lot! I love role playing with them! —-Anonymous 

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